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If you’ve built an agency, odds are you’ve received a few referrals along the way. Think back to how you landed your current clients, did a few of those come from a referral from a friend or colleague? Would you like to get more of those? If so ReferHub is perfect for you.

Why not both? We created ReferHub to keep our CRM clear and clean. The main issue we had using our CRMs (Pipedrive, Close and Zoho) is that the referral partners were getting mixed up with the prospects they sent over, causing us to skip over them, leading to lost sales and neglected relationships. ReferHub places the emphasis on the referral partner and is a great compliment to your existing CRM.

Communication, communication, communication. We found that simply by keeping the referral partners updated on the status of the deals they sent over with simple texts or emails, those partners referred 206% more leads. Yes gifts and referral payments move the needle as well but communication was the number one driver of referrals. Turns out humans love connection and ReferHub is here to help facilitate that!

Not at all, ReferHub will work for all B2B or high ticket industries. We’re focused on agencies at the moment since that’s our background and that’s the space we know. Other people have used ReferHub in the contracting, real estate and landscaping industries with great success.

Once a month I have a recurring Asana reminder that pops up that always brings a knot to my stomach: “Update and pay referral partners”

This reminder doesn’t stress me out because of the amount of money I’m about to pay out, in fact the opposite. I’d love to pay out thousands of dollars a month, because that means my business would be receiving many times that in billings! What was stressing me out was the time, effort and pain in the you-know-what it takes to send the payments that turns what should be a fun joyous task into one that is draining and stressful.

Insert cliche entrepreneur sentence- “There had to be a better way”
I built ReferHub for all the agencies and businesses that built their business one connection at a time. Through happy hours, networking events, masterminds and online groups. People trust you enough to send you their friends to take care of.

That’s a testament to your hard work and reputation. Now add in some technology to make that process even more efficient and watch your business take off.

That’s why I created this app. I hope you’ll join us and see how ReferHub can help your business grow, one referral at a time.